The Defeated Entrepreneur

I received a phone call from a defeated (potential) client yesterday. He was wrestling with why he even bothers with his website anymore. He explained that he spent thousands of dollars getting his website just the way he wanted only to see it get no traffic and no sales. In terms of ROI, he's only made a few hundred dollars. At one point during the conversation, he even offered to give me half of his revenue if I can get his business turned around.

Wow, what a challenge! A big caveat in this situation is that the effort is unpaid until you can (single-handedly) turn the website around... Would you take this risk?

This situation is all too common in this industry. People wait too long to reach out and ask for help! Don't be that guy. Don't get to the point where all feels lost or for nothing. The truth of the matter is that you've worked hard to build your website, your blog, your whatever. You spent time out of your life to try and make something special. There is a lot of honor in that!

Before you reach the point of defeat, please try this:


Try connecting with others in your industry. This can be over social media, email, or even an old fashioned phone call (smart phones still do that). Introduce yourself and your website, tell them that you want to connect with them and why. Start a conversation.


Get online and research your problem. Type your concern right into Google. It can be anything (literally). Here are some examples: "How to get more website traffic", "How to improve my website", "Content management tips", etc., etc. There are gobs and gobs of information at your fingertips.

Ask questions

Ask lots of questions. Especially if you have peers in the same line of work. How are they doing? What are their issues? Have they experienced the same thing you're going through? How did they deal with it? Who knows, you may be able to help them with one of their problems. Everybody wins!

Remember why you started

Why did you start? Sometimes we lose sight of this important idea. Go back in your mind and remember why you started and find that spark. Somewhere along the way, did that fire die out? Find it, relight it, and... POUR GASOLINE ALL OVER IT!

Contact a pro

Here's the part where I plug social media and website management by a professional. There are people and/or companies (like out there that can make your website, brand, or business sing. It could be little tweaks or a full on re-build from the ground up. Ask your connections for management company recommendations, research companies that specialize in what you need, contact those companies and ask lots of questions (no charge)! If you like what they're selling and you think they can help, hire them!

The most important thing here, is to do all of the above before you feel defeated. I'm not saying there's no coming back from that state of mind, not at all. Anything is possible. All I'm saying is, be proactive about it. This is your creation we're talking about. Your blood, sweat, and tears. You have to water it, feed it, and sing it to sleep at night. Go the extra mile, put in the work, and don't forget the gasoline.