Is your email address professional?

I just saw an interesting video on Monster's Twitter page regarding professional email addresses. The clip was poking fun at people who haven't taken the time to ditch their old college email addresses (ex: for a new (professional looking/sounding) personal email address.

Here's our top 5 things to consider when upping your email address game.

1. Try to use your legal name.

If you've ever worked for a big corporation or company, you were given an email address that utilized your first and last name in some fashion ( Your new email address should follow this same theme.

2. Try leaving numbers out of the equation.

Having numbers in your email address makes it harder to remember. You want clients and/or business associates to remember it without too much hassle. Don't miss an important email because your client tried instead of

3. Add special characters only when absolutely necessary.

If your name isn't available in the domain you want, try adding an underscore (_) or a period (.) between your first and last name ( OR Adding a little bit of uniqueness might be just enough to unlock an available address. However, avoid using hashtags (#), exclamations (!) or any other "annoying" characters.

4. Use your website domain.

Pay extra for email addresses that match your website domain ( = There's nothing more off-putting than communication coming from an unofficial email account. It screams, "Scam email - Please delete me!" It's really not much more money to add it. Pay the extra $40/year.

5. Keep business and personal emails separate.

You're worried about having to tell everyone about your new email address right? That's understandable. It's kinda like getting a new phone number. Now you have to tell everyone you know that its different right? Not really. You don't have to delete the old account. You can keep it and use it to talk with family and friends like you always have in the past. Your new professional email account will be given out to your coworkers, boss, or even potential clients. Add it to your LinkedIn profile, your website, your business cards, etc.

There really are a lot of good reasons to create and use a professional looking email address. We hope you enjoyed our top 5. Can you think of anything important we missed? Let us know. We'll put it in next time!