Opinions are expensive! Small businesses can't afford to have one.

I get it. It's an election year. Every headline you see on the news and social media has something to do with politics and other hot button issues. Emotions run high, you have an opinion, and you want to share it with your followers. Don't. Not if you're a small business.

Businesses are run by people like you and me. If you're reading this, you may own a business yourself. If your business is small, odds are you run your website and social media platforms all by yourself. You might even send company updates directly from your smartphone. If emotions get the best of you, your business could suffer!

Businesses have customers, clients, and stakeholders they rely on. Building a customer base and keeping stakeholders happy are hard work. Ask any business owner. So what's the harm in sending out one harmless tweet about a hot button issue? Well, it's simple. Your customers likely have an opinion on the subject you're commenting on. Your comment about that issue is your business choosing a side and possibly alienating half of your customers! As a small business owner, can you afford to alienate half of your customers? Let me answer that for you. No.

Your business's tweets should be as neutral as possible. Don't take sides and don't have an opinion when using your business account. Always have the need to share your opinion? Then by all means, create a separate personal account and have at it. Your opinion matters. Just don't affiliate it with your business. Don't reference it in your bio and don't talk about it. Keep your business account and your personal opinion account completely separate.

That being said, don't confuse hot button issues with trending topics. Trending topics can be used to your advantage. Its OK to have fun with your followers when it comes to trending stuff like Pokémon Go or Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen. Your following will benefit greatly from that kind of interaction.

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