Stop Apologizing for the Automated Welcome!

It seems like every single DM I get is automated these days. It's not necessarily a bad thing though. The auto DMs definitely have their place. Especially when you're managing multiple accounts with thousands and thousands of followers. Being able to send out a welcome to every new follower automatically is very helpful. Welcoming every new follower individually would be a full time job.

The reason I brought you here today was to suggest you stop apologizing for them. They are a part of Twitter good or bad. Everyone knows they exist. Everyone knows how they're used. Everyone gets it. So why apologize for them in every single auto DM you send out?

Your auto DM has about 2.5 seconds to make an impression on your new follower. Why waste that precious time apologizing for something they already expected? Auto DMs are the norm on Twitter so start treating them that way.

Instead of apologizing, get to the point. If you're gonna introduce yourself, do it. If you're gonna pitch your product, do it. If you're gonna thank them for the follow, do it. But if you're gonna apologize for sending an auto DM, don't expect your new follower to get to the meat of your message. This goes triple for influencers! Those guys gets hundreds if not thousands of DMs a day. Hurry up and introduce, pitch, or thank before they move on to the next auto DM in their inbox. You've got 2.5 seconds. Ready? Go!


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