The Social Media Quote They Gave You and Two Things It’s Lacking

Social Media Management (SMM) is a booming industry in our eyes but a tough business to be in if you genuinely want to help your clients grow and succeed. The reason for this tends to be that the SMM market is flooded with people who are offering the world but only delivering the status quo. They’re playing on the fact that most individuals and small businesses don’t fully understand the power of social media, websites, and the internet.

Take for instance, Instagram and Twitter interaction. Most companies who quote you for SMM are quoting you to get relevant content and for posting. That’s it folks, content and posting. Well, any good social media manager will tell you that finding content and posting it, is THE BARE MINIMUM. It’s one tiny step above not having a social media account at all. What about interaction? Building relationships? Responding to questions? Following back? Searching for like-minded brands and generating leads for your client? The obvious answer here is that it doesn’t exist in the quote they gave you. Maybe they think that’s your job?

Not only that, the posting schedule they’re proposing is severely inadequate. They probably tell you they’ll post once a month, once a week, or maybe even once per day right? Simply put, it’s not enough. Why isn’t it enough? Well, it’s because social media is a FIRE HOSE of information 24 hours a day, every day. Take Twitter for example. Twitter reported for 2016 that every second, on average, around 6,000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter, which corresponds to over 350,000 tweets sent per minute, 500 million tweets per day and around 200 billion tweets per year!

Now take a step back and visualize your one tweet per month, per week, or per day and consider just how absolutely inadequate that posting schedule is. I don’t know what you’re visualizing right now, but I’m thinking of a penny being thrown into one of the Great Lakes or maybe even, the Pacific Ocean. The penny is your one tweet per week and the Pacific is all the other tweets that got posted that week. Maybe a rushing river is a better analogy? You be the judge.

Here at we propose posting relevant content to twitter once per hour and it’s INCLUDED in the quote. Think that’s’ too much? We beg to differ. Our mission is to get you found, get you noticed, and to get you results. How can we possibly do that by throwing one tweet into an ocean of tweets once per day? We can’t.

So, how do we manage a tweet per hour? By mixing uniquely curated content about your business with relevant images, videos, and links to great articles. It’s a lot of work on our end, don’t get me wrong, but that’s what you’re paying for right? If you’re paying for a service, you want that service to deliver. End of story.

Interaction and an adequate amount of posting are just two of the critical elements in getting you found, getting you noticed, and getting you results. The next time a SMM company quotes you to “set it all up, find content, and post”, think about this article. Think about the Fire Hose affect, and then ask questions. I can almost guarantee the posting schedule they plan to implement is inadequate and the “interaction” is not included.